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Children's Dragonfly Necklace

Gorgeous Beaded Children's Dragonfly Necklace 

Children's Dragonfly Necklace

  • Our Children's Dragonfly necklace is the perfect gift for your little one. The necklace is elasticated and features 2 Dragonfly's interspersed between a pattern of white wooden beads and silver beads of varying sizes and shapes. The necklace stretches over your head and is 42cm long if stretched out in a line.

    • Material: Wood, alloy and elastic
    • Approx size: Necklace- 42cm
    • Colour: White, pink (Green and Red Dragonfly's)
    • Package Includes: 1 necklace 


    Please note delivery on this item is currently 3-5 days

Your order will be packaged in 1 presentation bag as standard. If a different type of bag or box is required, please add them from the 'Jewellery Boxes & Extras' menu page. Here you can also find extender chains, earring backs and more

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