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A lady with her face and shoulders showing. Brown hair in a bun. Holding her neck and wearing a sterling silver necklace and sterling silver earrings

Sterling Silver Collection

Explore our in house collection of fine Sterling Silver jewellery. Whether looking for that perfect gift or just a treat for yourself, we have a varied selection all made out of fine 925 Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets​

Our Sterling Silver collection brings together everything made from solid 925 Sterling Silver. Here you will find all of your favourite silver jewellery items including sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings and sterling silver necklaces. We also have a small selection of bracelets and anklets. Here at Darby Pritchards, we know just how important jewellery is to a lot of people. It is something that is worn at special occasions, given as a loving and sentimental gift or even purchased as a gift for yourself. Whichever category you fall into, we don’t believe that jewellery should cost you the earth.

How to choose your sterling silver bracelet, sterling silver necklace and sterling silver earrings?

We always aim to have our best selling products at the top of the collection page as this makes it easier for you to know what is in trend and what others are buying. Remember, we regularly add brand new products and will let customers know as and when this happens. Be sure to join our mailing list to be kept up to date with all new products.

 If its earrings you’re looking for, then think of the type of style you like the best? Here at Darby Pritchards most of the sterling silver earrings are stud style. If you prefer drops or hoops, then maybe explore our full earring collection. Many of our sterling silver earrings feature stunning and sparkling Austrian or Cubic Zirconia crystals whereas others are more simple and elegant. We appreciate that everyone is unique and individual so our wide range of designs will appeal to a broad audience.

If necklaces are your thing then we would recommend taking a look at the top of the page. We currently stock a limited selection of sterling silver necklaces so be sure to browse the full necklace collection to find your perfect match.

Remember we also stock sterling silver bracelets and rings. Take a look at the collection to find your next jewellery piece.

Best quality sterling silver jewellery

No matter what type of sterling silver jewellery item you are looking for, look no further than our Sterling Silver collection! Each product description includes a comprehensive view of the item and includes vital information such as size, materials, colour, RRP and more. Remember that here at Darby Pritchards we offer free delivery across the store! Couple that with the huge reduction on any item included in the Spring sale means you need look no further than here for all your jewellery needs.

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