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A lady with short, brown hair showing her head and shoulders. Wearing a necklace and earring set. Part of our jewellery set collection

Jewellery Sets

Explore our in house collection of gorgeous Jewellery Sets. Each set has been perfectly paired by us and crafted with a range of different materials to keep your jewellery collection sparkling throughout every season.

Jewellery Sets

At Darby Pritchards, we understand the significance of jewellery to individuals. It serves as an accessory for special events, a sentimental present, or even a self-gift. Regardless of your purpose for acquiring jewellery, we firmly believe that it shouldn't break the bank.

Best quality Jewellery Sets for women

Necklaces are one of the most popular types of jewellery and when coupled with a matching pair of earrings, you are always onto a winner. Choosing the right set for you can sometimes feel like a challenge. Especially when confronted with so much choice! But don’t stress as we are here to help. We understand that each person is unique so a jewellery set that appeals to one person may not appeal to another. This is the reason we stock so many jewellery gift sets for women as we are sure that by doing so, we will be able to appeal to all.

How to choose a jewellery set (necklace and earring set)

When choosing a jewellery set it is important that you are a fan of both necklaces and earrings. Our silver jewellery set collection is ever growing so please keep checking back here as we continue to grow it.

We try to put our best selling and newest necklaces at the top of the collection so you can always see what’s new and on trend. We regularly add brand new necklaces and will let customers know as and when this happens. Be sure to join our mailing list to be kept up to date with all new products.

Size of our necklace set and earring sets

It’s important to note the size of the necklace chain. Most necklaces that we offer are 45cm in length which is the industry standard length for a woman’s necklace here in the UK. Some of our necklaces are slightly longer and a vast majority also include a handy 5cm extender chain. All of our traditional drop earrings use 2.5cm ear hooks. Sleeper earrings in the main tend to range between 1cm-1.5cm in diameter whereas studs can really be any size at all. It’s important to note the size of the earrings as each pair can be different and it isn't always easy to gauge it from a photograph alone. Rest assured all this information is included in each product description where you can also see a comprehensive view of the item and an array of images. Here you will also see other vital information such as materials, colour and more. Remember that here at Darby Pritchards we offer free delivery across the store!

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