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Our Angel of Hope Earrings are a must for the Summer season- Darby Pritchards Jewellery Collection

When stumbling across these little nuggets, it was clear even in those early days that these gorgeous blue crystal earrings would be a firm favourite amongst customers.

As with most businesses, here at Darby Pritchards we are always on the lookout for new and exciting items to keep our collection fresh. In the early days these were simply known as Blue Crystal Earrings but we were blessed to receive so many messages from satisfied customers telling us how beautiful they are. Many people wrote things about them being so comfortable and that in the past they have suffered with certain earrings due to allergies but these have never been a problem. We were delighted with this feedback but not surprised as the 18K white gold plating ensures the utmost comfort whilst wearing.

Another customer wrote that they were received to remember a special loved one and that they were like an 'Angel of Hope' to her. This is how these earrings received their new name.

These gorgeous 18K white gold plated earrings feature a stunning AAA grade sky blue cubic zirconia diamond simulant for each ear. They sit on our website at a price of £18.99 but are currently on offer for just £6.99 with free postage and packing as standard. That's a massive saving of £12.

Get your pair today by clicking here now

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